The whole purpose of content creation is to provide value to your readers and to your audience, while helping them solve a problem that they currently have. But your job doesn’t stop as soon as you’ve finished writing a piece of content.

If you create content on a regular basis, you probably know that the biggest challenge is to engage readers and make them interested in sharing your content. That’s why your efforts should also focus on making sure that the content you’ve just created can be easily-shared on social media, because, in the end, you want the article to reach a wide audience.

So, what do you need to keep in mind in order to create content that will be easy to share on social media?

1. Create “human” headlines

This article from Buffer shows some really surprising results, namely the fact that the most highly-shared headlines (over 1,000 shares) were the ones covering topics like food, home, lifestyle, news, or business/tech. What we can learn from this is that readers appreciate content that helps them improve their lives.

If the industry your business is part of doesn’t allow you to talk about food, home or lifestyle on your blog, you can go with plan B. This implies using pronouns like “you” and “your” in the headline in order to make it more “human.”

2. Use emotional words in your headlines

As an example, I used the headline analyzer from CoSchedule to show you how this works. Posts that get a lot of shares are those that have more than one emotional word in the headline.

This is valuable information. Based on the score you’ll get, you will know what the chances are of your post being shared by a lot of people. It would be a shame to use a bad headline for an excellent article.

3. Write list articles

Everybody loves list articles, because the reader already knows what to expect even before he or she reads the article. Also, readers know that they will receive a quick answer to whatever problem the article is solving.

Still, it seems that bloggers and businesses don’t create so many list posts, which means that they’re missing out on some big opportunities.

4. Write about trending topics

Social media loves trending topics, so it’s best that you identify these topics as soon as they hit the market so that you’re able to start writing some great content around it as soon as possible.

You can even use social media to discover trending topics in your industry, discussions and the hashtags that people use during a certain period of time.

5. Share a unique perspective

When it comes to creating content, it’s hard to come up with content that is 100% original. You can find a few successful posts and rewrite them from your own perspective by adding a personal touch and your own experience, or even by adding new resources.

This simple idea is going to make your post extremely valuable, since it’s going to make it more personal.

It’s never been easier to create content that is easy-shareable

Social media is an essential component of content creation. You can’t have one without the other. Hopefully, these tips will help you create better content and better headlines so that your articles will get as many shares as possible.

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