Did You Hear About That Brand? Well I'm Never Using Them Again...

ICYMI: Customer support is no longer a 9 to 5 gig. Customers expect to have their issues resolved almost immediately; or at least get a response so they know they have been heard. Having a solid Social Media presence is expected and timing is everything. By now, you will have seen what can happen to your company should a crisis break out when nobody is working.

Picture this: You run an international food delivery chain when suddenly, two late night employees upload images to YouTube doing... well... unappetising things to the food just before delivery. Suddenly you have a massive social media crisis spreading like wildfire and nobody is available to respond.

Not that we want to dig up old drama (and the brand in question dealt with this admirably - see the infamous YouTube video along with the CEO's response and, a case study from SoS Marketing) however this story is a fantastic example for so many important lessons: have a strong online presence, know your audience, have a crisis strategy in place. Nobody is immune. Vital to this list is having a well-prepared team supporting your customers 24/7. Not only does this help your reputation but a crisis can be reduced by having an immediate response which can avoid it spiraling out of control.

Even stretching the available online hours to weekends and evenings can be a huge step in the right direction - emergencies, brand risk, and simple customer support do not slow down after a certain time of day.

Trying to sustain this business model within your office walls can be a challenge. Having an out of hours support team that knows your brand is the most practical solution and can be exceedingly beneficial. Here’s why...

  1. Fresh eyes = fresh perspective. Having new eyes viewing community activity equals less chance of missing something of value or risk. Tired eyes and minds mean even a potential crisis could go unchecked until it’s too late.

  2. Crises happen 24/7. We can’t say it enough. Brand and customer crises happen at any time of the day, or night. Having a support staff at the ready to report their findings asap, the sooner you and your team can get ahead of the conversation and keep the fires to a minimum.

  3. Gives your internal team a break. If you remember, our last blog post explained the potential for moderation burnout and fatigue. Physically, your team needs a break so their eyes and their minds can rest. By giving them other tasks to perform and letting and agency like StrawberrySocial take over, your team will be primed and prepped to assist with other tasks such as…

  4. More time for engagement and content creation. Your marketing team will benefit from having time to speak with your community experts to discover what the customers are feeling and saying. This feeds back into point #1 as well. Fresh eyes on the community means different perspectives to share with your community team. This in turn will mean stronger campaigns, better community outreach, and a longer-lasting customer relationship.

StrawberrySocial has a pool of superhero talent (although their dancing leaves something to be desired) available for out of hours engagement, moderation and support; so your consumer’s conversation can happen day or night, evenings and weekends. And... your company’s security is top of mind; which is why our internal security systems ensure that your content, social channels, and your brand, remain safe.

You and your team deserve a good work/life balance - and your customers deserve a rapid and professional response - let your out of office support team take over!