Creating engaging social media content for your charity’s social media channels in the run-up to Christmas requires a mix of creativity, compassion, and holiday spirit. But the real key to success is in the planning ahead. Here are eight content ideas to inspire your charity’s social media campaigns this festive season:

1. Get ready for GivingTuesday

For Charities, this year’s festive season starts with GivingTuesday on 28 November. Since its inception in 2012, GivingTuesday has become a highlight of the charity fundraising calendar. With a whopping £20 million in donations made on GivingTuesday in 2022, November 28 is the perfect date to jump-start your Christmas appeals. Head to the GivingTuesday website for a free workbook to help you plan a successful GivingTuesday campaign.

2. Seasonal impact stories 

Share heartwarming stories of individuals or communities your charity has helped throughout the year to showcase the tangible difference donations have made. Give social media followers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in the run up to Christmas, whether that’s getting donations ready for distribution or working on festive campaigns.

3. Countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar 

Create a digital advent calendar on your social media platforms. Start by creating 24 days of content. Each day leading up to Christmas, reveal a different aspect of your charity’s work, such as success stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or volunteer spotlights. You could also encourage email subscribers to sign-up to the advent campaign by donating a set amount (or a small amount every day up until Christmas) in return for a daily advent calendar email campaign.

4. Donor spotlights 

Share your supporters’ stories and motivations for giving, and express gratitude for their contributions. This not only highlights the people behind your charity but also encourages others to join in giving. Tag donors into your thank you posts. (Check that they are happy to be named first.)

5. Festive fundraising campaigns 

Launch holiday-themed fundraising campaigns. Whether it’s a Christmas appeal or a holiday Facebook Group challenge, engage your audience by explaining how their contributions can make a difference during this season of giving. Team up with corporate partners or organisations that support matched funding for maximum impact.

6. Celebrate community collaboration

Highlight and tag local volunteers, influencers, advocates and charity partners.

7. DIY fundraising ideas

Share DIY fundraising ideas that supporters can do at home. Whether it’s baking, crafting, or organising a virtual holiday-themed event, offer suggestions for creative ways to raise funds for your charity. The Big Knit is a great example of a fun, creative campaign that enlists the skills of 1000s of knitters in support of Age UK every year.

8. Holiday-themed content series 

Create a content series with holiday themes. This could include posts on the history of your charity during Christmas, facts and statistics about the impact of giving during the season, or holiday-themed tips related to your cause.

Key tips for festive social media campaigns

Authentic, community engagement (by humans!) is crucial to the success of your charity’s social media efforts. Engage with comments and messages promptly, and express gratitude for the support your charity receives. The holiday season is a time of generosity and goodwill, making it a prime opportunity to build connections and support for your charity on social media. 

Don’t forget to pin opening times or include details of out of hours cover so beneficiaries know how to reach you over the holiday period.

Lastly, the StrawberrySocial team are here to support your charity’s online community 24/7, out of hours and at weekends. Ensure the success of your social media campaigns and maintain a safe, engaged community while your social media team enjoys a well-deserved festive break with our Holiday Social Media Moderation Cover package >