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Rebecca Fitzgerald
CEO and Founder

Rebecca set up StrawberrySocial after working at a large social media agency for several years, culminating as Director of Client Operations.

She has over 17 years’ experience and has also worked in media, training, theatre and events.

Throughout her career, she has managed moderation and community management projects for clients such as SuperAwesome, Sony Mobile, Nokia, HSBC and BBC Worldwide.

She is also incredibly proud that StrawberrySocial is currently the moderation agency for NHS Digital - a real honour.

She also has a special interest in charities and the public sector, on Grenfell Gold Response, with Dept. for Education plus Samaritans, Which?, Help for Heroes, NSPCC, Prostate Cancer UK and Blue Cross.

Shaz Collier

Shaz has over 20 years experience in project management and specialises in fast start-ups, crisis management, digital safety and online communities.

Having previously worked for fast-paced social media agencies, online gaming companies and AOL, she has trained and managed large, multi-lingual agency teams for a wide range of clients such as ESPN, LEGO, and Sony Mobile. She has also, more recently, worked on NHS Digital, Just Eat, SuperAwesome and several charity projects.

Shaz also has an interest in children’s online safety and has undergone CEOP training as well as being a Thinkuknow Trainer.

Jennifer Puckett
Communications Director

Jennifer has almost 20 years of experience building online communities and supporting brands with their social media presence. She is passionate about working with at-risk and specialised communities such as charities and family-friendly online entertainment.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked with international organisations as well as US-based companies (where she’s from); including clients such as NSPCC, Just Eat and Disney.

She has built support departments and her work as a trainer, mentor, and people manager has helped her build large-scale communities.

Liz Malone-Johnstone Marketing Director

Liz is a digital marketing specialist with 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, specialising in strategy development, web development project management, social media, SEO and content marketing. She is passionate about continually improving the user experience and has led successful digital transformation projects and devised and managed large scale successful digital campaigns, both agency and client-side, across a range of industries.

She also has extensive education sector experience, building brand awareness, launching influencer programmes and thriving online communities for schools and edtech startups.

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