Keeping gaming and live streaming environments safe and enjoyable for everyone 24/7.

Live gaming moderation, engagement and safety experts at your service

We are proud to provide experienced, multilingual moderation and engagement support (including experienced gamers) to leading names in the gaming industry.

Our team of veteran gaming moderators can help to prevent spam, hate speech, harassment, bullying, cheating, and other negative behaviours that can ruin the gaming experience. 

Our primary focus is safety – especially where vulnerable audiences may be involved. We have vast experience in moderating youth-centric brands 24/7/365.

Why choose StrawberrySocial as your gaming moderation partner?

Our gaming moderation team are certified online safety experts. We are also gamers. And as gamers we are passionate about maintaining a positive community and preventing toxic behaviour. 

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Moderate visual, chat based content and live streaming activity
  • Review videos, fan art, fan fiction, content creation, freeform drawings, and photography.
  • Vet influencers and their content
  • Act as live-streaming ‘handlers’ for talent in games and branded game events
  • Keep collaborator conversations on track and on brand for promotional events.
  • Our team can embed themselves within your gaming culture to become company-represented ‘experts’; Increasing new user acquisition and satisfaction
  • Moderate out harassers, trolls, spammers
  • Review and report back on new gaming slang, acronyms and pop culture, which can change on a day-to-day basis

gaming moderation services AT A GLANCE

  • Gaming forums and communities
  • Live gaming and events
  • Live chat
  • Video streaming
  • Official fan forums, message boards and communities
  • Fan communities on Twitch, Discord, YouTube, Steam and more
  • VoIP
  • Children’s games and apps

Danish, European Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish. All English dialects (Au, UK, Ca, SA, US)

Our comprehensive influencer risk assessment and vetting service enables organisations to identify which influencers are a good fit and which ones to avoid. We can review influencer content for:

  • Brand sensitive topics
  • Controversial topics
  • Notable brand mentions
  • Interactions with competitors
  • Copyright infringement
  • ‘Cause’ affiliations

Our gaming moderators will review influencer live appearances, actions and engagement in real time to ensure they are delivering against your objectives and brief.

  • Multilingual influencer content monitoring and live content audits
  • Monitor live video, audio and chat for specified brand or product mentions


Our expert team can provide support at every stage of your influencer marketing programme.

  • Finding suitable influencers
  • Risk assessing and vetting influencers
  • Managing brand reputational risk
  • Managing and evaluating influencer campaigns

Our live moderation experts can also vet and review live-streaming content (in real-time) for brands. Find out more about our Gaming Moderation Services.

Give players the ultimate live gaming experience and keep your branded spaces safe with our gaming moderation experts.