Trust and Safety is more important today than ever. We now know that misbehaviour online can lead to real-world ramifications, sometimes with life-threatening consequences. From ‘fake news’, scammers, personal privacy and children’s protection, it can be challenging to keep up with every possible risk. 

For over 20 years the people at StrawberrySocial have been at the forefront of these challenges: studying, moderating, and setting policies and best practice procedures for global brands, high-risk communities and start–ups. Through our work we have been able to protect children from harm and even collaborated to help save lives. 

Our experts work with your legal,  social media, moderation, community management and support teams to ensure the best and most current safety practices are seamlessly put into place with the utmost respect and care for you, and your community. Here, we share many of our resources and trainings to help you and your organisation.


Digital safety is part and parcel of a successful healthy online environment – regardless of the brand, or the subject matter. Understanding what you expect from your community behaviour, and then implementing it, is vital both for your protection and your users’ understanding. 

Gone are the days where we were only concerned about youth and children online. And while this is still something we’re passionate about, we recognise that communities of all ages deserve respect, care and protection. 

We’re often quoted as saying “If the website doesn’t proudly and clearly state how they plan to keep you safe, then they’re not worth your trust, time or money”. 

Our experts are not only trained on the latest digital safety policies and procedures but have many years of real digital experience overseeing the wellbeing of your customers online.

“…the burden of responsibility becomes commonplace, almost invisible unless there’s a very specific case that requires review. [And the] courage that it takes to work in this area that you’re working in needs to be recognised more greatly and more often. It might not even be known by the person themselves that the very nature of this work is a thoughtful step into the dark, which often takes a lot of courage.”

-Dr. Barbara Wren, Wren Psychology Associates



Physical Fitness & Wellbeing


Emotional and Mental Wellbeing


Social Wellbeing

A note on mental health and wellbeing…

Looking after our wellbeing in each one of these areas is really important to support all other areas of our personal health and contribute to better overall happiness and fulfilment. How do we support our team members, and yet ensure they’re in the right mental state to continue their work when each day is so challenging, and the content keeps coming?

By ensuring we properly support our emotional labour workforce.

We have shared several simple options above; when it comes to wellbeing, different things work for each of us so we’ve tried to give you choices to pick the ones that suit you.

For more information on the importance that StrawberrySocial places on mental health, check out this blog: #thrivingatwork: the StrawberrySocial Way

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