Online Safety Resources

Protect your brand, workforce and communities online with our comprehensive collection of online safety resources.


For nearly a decade, the team at StrawberrySocial has been keeping a wide variety of online spaces safe and positive.

Protecting your organisation and communities online is a huge task so arming yourself with knowledge, training and the right tools can make a big difference to your personal mental health and the safety of your team, community or organisation.

This page contains a variety of links to helpful resources, guides, training materials, apps and organisations to protect yourself, your brand and your online community.


Free Online Safety Checklist

Grab your free online safety checklist and take action to protect your brand and communities online.


Digital safety is essential for a healthy online environment, regardless of the brand or subject matter. It’s crucial to understand your community’s expected behaviour and implement it to protect yourself and ensure your users’ understanding. 

It’s not just about children and youth; people of all ages deserve respect, care, and protection online. 

We firmly believe that if a website doesn’t clearly and proudly state how they prioritise your safety, they are not worthy of your trust, time, or money. Our experts have extensive experience in digital safety and are trained in the latest policies and procedures to oversee your customers’ online wellbeing.

“…the burden of responsibility becomes commonplace, almost invisible unless there’s a very specific case that requires review. [And the] courage that it takes to work in this area that you’re working in needs to be recognised more greatly and more often. It might not even be known by the person themselves that the very nature of this work is a thoughtful step into the dark, which often takes a lot of courage.”

-Dr. Barbara Wren, Wren Psychology Associates



Physical Fitness & Wellbeing

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

A note on mental health and wellbeing…

Looking after our wellbeing in each one of these areas is really important to support all other areas of our personal health and contribute to better overall happiness and fulfilment. How do we support our team members, and yet ensure they’re in the right mental state to continue their work when each day is so challenging, and the content keeps coming?

By ensuring we properly support our emotional labour workforce.

We have shared several simple options above; when it comes to wellbeing, different things work for each of us so we’ve tried to give you choices to pick the ones that suit you.

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