With the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the online content industry is experiencing a significant shift. AI-powered tools and platforms enable content creators to streamline their content creation process, improve the quality of their content, and personalise content to meet their audience’s needs. This blog explores 9 AI tools used by social media managers and the important things content creators need to consider when employing the help of generative AI. 

Harnessing AI: 9 helpful content production tools

Here are some examples of how AI can support social media managers and digital marketers to streamline workflow and save time.

1.   Copy.ai

Copy.ai offers social media managers a powerful AI-driven tool for content creation. By inputting keywords, tone, and style, managers can produce captivating captions, hashtags, and posts tailored for platforms like X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Facebook. The platform provides multiple options for each campaign, allowing users to pick or modify the best fit. Additionally, Copy.ai facilitates team collaboration, streamlining the content creation process. It’s a time-saving tool for consistent, quality posting.

2.   Promptdb

Promptdb is an AI prompts database that gives you access to high-quality images. For example, you could search a prompt like “horse”, and the app will return images from various AI platforms, including MidJourney and Stable Diffusion. It’s great for when you need unique, copyright-free images for your campaigns.

3.   Canva Magic Write

Magic Write aids social media professionals by proposing innovative content concepts, enhancing written content, and equipping them with tools for optimal post impact. This tool streamlines tasks, freeing managers to concentrate more on strategy and analysis.

4.   ChatGPT

Perhaps the biggest name in AI right now, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool in a social media manager’s arsenal. It dishes out real-time content ideas, clarifies industry jargon, and sparks creative inspiration. You can ask it to write copy, develop SEO titles, campaign ideas, and more.

5.   Feedhive

FeedHive offers a comprehensive AI-powered suite for social media management. Its AI Writing Assistant generates unique posts, complete with emojis and hashtags. The platform also provides performance predictions to enhance post engagement. Its content recycling capability repurposes existing posts, while the conditional posting feature automates responses based on engagement metrics. FeedHive not only saves time but also refines content strategy.

6.   Vista Social

You have to be where your customers are, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok, or anywhere else. Vista Social connects many platforms in one place, providing a high-level view of your social channels and allowing you to schedule posts, chat with your audience, track your reviews, and more. The AI can adjust the length and depth of your posts to fit your target audience across different channels.

7.   Flick

Flick is an excellent tool for when you have one idea you want to turn into multiple posts but are unsure how or don’t have the time. It generates four post ideas from your general idea and gives you tips on producing them for success (creating case studies, running interviews, and fleshing out the storytelling). Its AI also rewrites, tweaks, and lengthens posts for different social media platforms.

8.  OwlyWriter AI

Hootsuite has long been a powerhouse in the social media management world, and it’s no different today. Its OwlyWriter AI will write compelling captions, generate post ideas based on keywords, generate content based on a link, and more.

9.   Magic Studio

Want to improve your visual game? Magic Studio’s AI tool helps social media managers create product photos with sleek backgrounds in various themes. It generates compelling photos from your text prompts and lets you tweak them to craft the perfect image. You can even remove unwanted objects from the background!

A Word of Caution

While AI can save you time and effort in creating content that resonates with your target audience, it’s far from perfect. All content must be carefully checked by a human for accuracy, tone, quality, and clarity.

And you only have to read some news stories on ChatGPT to see why this is so important. For example, two New York lawyers were recently fired after submitting a legal brief with case citations totally fabricated by ChatGPT. Why does ChatGPT make up fake references? Like many AI tools, it’s often more focused on giving you what you want than being accurate.

Here are the things you need to check when creating AI-generated content:

●  Accuracy & Reliability: Always fact-check AI-generated content to ensure its truthfulness and consistency with reputable sources.

●  Bias & Fairness: Scrutinise the content for any implicit or explicit biases, aiming for the representation of diverse perspectives.

●  Clarity & Understandability: Verify that the AI’s output is coherent, grammatically correct, and easy to understand.

●  Tone & Style: Assess whether the content’s tone is consistent and appropriate for its intended platform or medium.

●  Originality: Determine if the content offers fresh insights and isn’t merely replicating existing information.

Why not give these AI tools a go and see their impact on your social media campaigns?