According to Social Media Today, businesses can see a 73% increase in lead generation and a big surge in activity over the holiday season. But while your tinsel and turkey preparations might be in full swing, have you given a thought to who will take care of your clients’ or brand’s digital channels and audience while everyone is away from the office? We’re not even talking engagement here… what if a PR issue hits?

What can you do to keep your digital channels open while your office door is closed?


No matter how big or small the query, no customer likes to be ignored. Keeping a two-way dialogue open between you and your customers will increase loyalty—and could even gain you a few more. With a consistent online presence during the holidays, your brand will continue to provide excellent customer service. We can help – let us manage your online customer service and engagement over the festive period.

Plan Ahead

The extra time away from your digital work could also help you decide whether or not outsourcing your digital marketing needs. Tell us about your company’s future gaps in resources. Flexibility of support provision can be a real life-saver!

Get Rich Content

So, let’s say you get that lovely team onboard – what do you ask them to do? Treat your audience to engaging content. It’s the season for giving – some organisations like to donate to their favourite charity/brand as part of their giving – storify it. Does your brand have some special offers that you’d like to share? Your interim team should have sufficient experience in social media to ensure your brand voice doesn’t go into hibernation for the winter. Formulate a short-term strategy plan as a guide.


It’s not just your brands and audience who could benefit from holiday coverage. Christmas time can be a lonely and difficult time for some people. Charities, especially those with forums, can increase trust by ensuring their vulnerable members aren’t left unheard. With many years experience in charity forum moderation and community management, our team will concentrate on fully understanding your users and provide sensitive, empathetic engagement.


Conducting a social media audit before the holiday season will help determine your target audience interests, which campaigns could potentially go well and help to budget for advertising. Talk to us about carrying out an audit or competitor analysis of your social media channels.


You’ve put in a lot time and resources into building your brand’s social media presence and reputation, but do you have a strategy in place to manage your brand’s reputation during a social media crisis? We’ve all seen it happen—a seemingly innocuous comments on social media goes ignored, then snowballs into a public relations nightmare. While that might sound grim, the good news is that any damage to your brand can be minimised as long as you have a firm crisis management plan in place.

Talk to us to find out how.

Let StrawberrySocial take away the stress of covering your social media channels and forums over the holidays.

We have top-notch people available, highly experienced in social media management, that can step in to provide interim support while your staff are away.

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