National Deaf Children's Society Case Study

“The Leadership’s biggest issue was our mental health and they wanted to make sure that we had a break and not have to think about work outside of hours. Without StrawberrySocial, my mental health and wellbeing would be through the floor. I think it’s extremely valuable because if StrawberrySocial weren’t providing ROI, the Leadership team would never have bought into the value of having a partnership.”  

Kate English - Senior Social Media Officer - NDCS

The National Deaf Children’s Society provides expert support on childhood deafness; the charity raises awareness and campaigns for deaf children’s rights so they have the same opportunities as everyone else. The vision of the NDCS is a world without barriers for every deaf child.

Founded more than 70 years ago, society has come a long way. But deaf children are still falling behind at school and being let down by vital services. And they still don’t have the same opportunities as hearing children. Their international arm, Deaf Child Worldwide, supports deaf children in developing countries who are missing out on education and family life.

StrawberrySocial and NDCS realise with proper investment, Social can be a wonderful tool for engaging positively, building relationships and fostering trust. 97% of parents who give birth to deaf children are hearing themselves; and require special support and a strong community who understands their particular challenges. 

For the first time in their history NDCS is using Social Media as a fully-recognised, fully engaged space dedicated to parents of deaf children to have a secure and positive community to share, get support and feel safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The NDCS Facebook page is massive; which isn’t surprising because the demographic is primarily mums between 25 and 45 years of age. The Society promotes news stories, parliamentary campaigns, and give extra attention to questions raised so that the entire community can see the responses. Social is also used to feature special awards each weekend in the form of “Superstar Saturday” – where parents get to award their children for milestones of all sizes and kinds.

NDCS expect to launch their own online community forums shortly where they will focus on instilling the same confidence to young people as they have done with parents throughout their Social Media platforms.

“We would absolutely recommend StrawberrySocial. What is great, is that even though the proposal to expand our moderation and engagement services was approved quickly for us, StrawberrySocial was so helpful to talk about our needs, our barriers, and how best to use their support.”

Kate English - Senior Social Media Officer - NDCS

StrawberrySocial specialise in keeping charity communities safe.  The team have been working with NDCS since December 2018 – moderating and engaging the community during Out Of Hours and Weekends. The goals are to ensure the members receive responses to their questions in a timely manner and to escalate any potential risks to the NDCS team as soon as possible. In addition to ongoing support, Strawberry Social helped refine internal processes which now allows multiple moderators to work at the same time, across all social channels. This delivered a huge return on investment to the charity’s budgetary team.  Daily shift reports offer clear, easy to read information on what needs immediate attention, and how to improve their process as the communities grow. 

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