Prostate Cancer UK CASE STUDY

“We feel reassured that when we leave the office, StrawberrySocial carries on the job of supporting men and their loved ones. They are friendly and approachable with a light touch and are very good at flagging issues and solving challenges. They understand the context of highly complex conversations involving medical treatment and side effects.We would recommend StrawberrySocial because they took the time to understand who we are and what we are about, and are always there when we need to get hold of them. They also save us significant costs.”

Sue Boyes, Peer Support Manager - Prostate Cancer UK

Every month, thousands of people use Prostate Cancer UK’s online community, posting more than a thousand messages in hundreds of active conversations.

Members of the forum are free to discuss whatever they want, from diagnosis to dealing with treatment. The conversation is usually frank and open and the community supports each other by sharing their experiences. The forum is a fundamental part of the charity’s commitment to those who have been diagnosed as well as their relatives and carers.

StrawberrySocial specialise in keeping charity communities safe and several of the team have worked with Prostate Cancer UK since 2012, moderating the community during evenings and weekends.

The aim is to keep members safe and supported whilst also ensuring they have a space to be themselves and share what they need to. As part of this, we worked with the charity to compile clear community guidelines and put in place intricate escalation processes to resolve or escalate any issues

Our whole team have online safety qualifications such as CEOP and NSPCC as well as being Moderation Gateway certified and DBS checked.