Leading UK social media moderation agency renews commitment to paying the real Living Wage as an accredited Living Wage Employer.

London, UK, 21 July 2023: Moderation and online safety agency StrawberrySocial celebrates 3 years as an accredited Living Wage Employer today. Their Living Wage commitment means everyone working for StrawberrySocial receives a minimum hourly payment of £10.90, higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £10.42 per hour.

StrawberrySocial was founded by Rebecca Fitzgerald in 2015 to provide brands and charities with the resources to moderate, protect and engage audiences 24/7. Since then, the company has built up a client roster of household names, gaining a reputation for excellence in the industry, and now boasts NHS England as one of its biggest clients.

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“Being an accredited Living Wage employer is important to us. Our business ethos is firmly based on being able to support flexible working for some of the most experienced people in the online safety and moderation industry. Many have businesses of their own too and family responsibilities and so need to be able to work flexibly with a company that not only respects them but also pays them a decent remuneration.”

said Rebecca Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of StrawberrySocial.

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation said: “We’re delighted that StrawberrySocial is part of the movement of over 12,000 responsible employers across the UK who voluntarily commit to go further than the government minimum wage.

“They join thousands of small businesses, as well as household names such as Burberry, Barclays, Everton Football Club and many more. These businesses recognise that paying the real Living Wage is the mark of a responsible employer and they, like StrawberrySocial, believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.”

Dan Horrell, Community Manager at StrawberrySocial said: “I have been working remotely for the past 10 years and since working freelance at StrawberrySocial, I have been able to guarantee that my regular outgoings are covered. The flexibility of working the hours I want for a decent fee has helped me achieve goals in my own business too, taking away any stress of not being able to pay the monthly bills. Flexible hours, decent pay, trusted to work remotely, working with a great team, what more do you want in a career!”

About StrawberrySocial

StrawberrySocial is a leading social media moderation agency specialising in brand protection and online safety. Its team of experienced moderators and community managers provide expert, tailored content moderation, engagement, child safety, reputation and other online support services to agencies, brands and charities across the UK, including NHS England, NSPCC, SuperAwesome, Which and Samaritans. Find out more at www.strawberrysocial.com 


About the Living Wage

The Living Wage Foundation is the organisation at the heart of the movement of businesses, organisations and individuals who campaign for the simple idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. 

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to what people need to make ends meet. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that choose to take a stand by ensuring their staff earn a wage that meets the costs and pressures they face in their everyday lives.

The UK Living Wage is currently £10.90 per hour. There is a separate London Living Wage rate of £11.95 per hour to reflect the higher costs of transport, childcare and housing in the capital. These figures are calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation and overseen by the Living Wage Commission, based on the best available evidence on living standards in London and the UK.