We specialise in working directly with brands, as well as digital, advertising, PR and employer branding agencies.

Nobody goes into marketing, advertising or social media expecting regular work at regular hours, right? But there has to be a limit.

So, what do you do when a new or expanded social account starts needing a lot more work? Or your brand’s social lights up like a Christmas tree and you need help with moderation, customer support/service and engagement. Maybe the brand has global reach and needs posts and responses in the middle of the night, your time?

You could take on extra staff, of course, but that takes time. Why not look to bring in some support from people who know social? Experts who have the experience and professionalism to ensure that your client or customer needs are met, in or out of hours, keeping an eye on risk, crisis and providing knowledgeable advice. People who will quickly understand both the ‘social and customer service voices’, and work with your guidelines to provide and support an engaging, responsive, vibrant and safe environment.

our services in detail

We can support your in-house Social Media or Community Managers with:

  • Content moderation.
  • Community engagement activities, tasks, unique responses.
  • Working either alongside your internal team during office hours, or as your secondary team taking over during evenings, holidays and weekends.
  • Lightening the load to give your team more time to concentrate on your brand, campaign events and strategic requirements.
  • Working with you AS you.
  • Peace of mind that your online communities are being monitored and taken care of.

Our team will partner with your Support Management Department ensuring we provide a clear, authentic and consistent experience for your customers. We help:

  • Provide ongoing, consistent and quick responses for your customers.
  • Offer speedy ramp-up time. (we’re well versed across most popular support tools)
  • Clear those big increases in tickets during busy seasons.
  • Support your teams after-hours and during weekends and holidays.

No organisation is safe from online risk or a brand crisis. That’s where we come in. As veteran social media support for high-risk, sensitive communities, our team is well-versed in the tactics necessary to:

  • Identify troubling scenarios before they get out of hand.
  • Diffuse online threats and controversial conversations.
  • Apply best-in-class methods for safeguarding.
  • Escalate risky content to the right people.

Traditional marketing agencies need help, too. We’re happy to step in and work with your agency, privately and seamlessly integrating our team with yours so you can focus on what you do best. We:

  • Provide confidentiality and anonymity (white label) for brands, charities and agencies.
  • Work with you to understand your client’s campaigns.
  • Provide clear, authentic and consistent brand voice.

Outsource your community management and content moderation to the experts. Let us help you keep your brand and online communities safe.

Case Studies

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