As Ferris once said, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” Or, as we like to say on a more practical note, “social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a moment, you could make an annoying mistake.” Not as much fun as Ferris, granted, but then we’re not dancing on parade milk floats in the 80’s anymore (not that we ever did, sadly).

So, it’s the usual scenario – another mad day at work. You’re talking to a client on the phone whilst juggling a cup of coffee; not that you’ve managed to take a sip yet. You’re frantically scribbling notes and trying to blank out the noise of the office behind you but, some idiot is ignoring the fact you’re on the phone and is trying to get your attention. And, to top it all off, you’re behind with your social media schedule and just HAVE to press send on that update you’ve been writing – asap.


Here’s a quick and dirty checklist to use before you hit that key.

  1. Call to action. Have you made it clear (really, really clear) what it is you want people to do?
  2. Length. Is it too long or too short?
  3. Sense check. Read it through, out loud – will your audience get it?
  4. Emotion. C’mon, be honest – is it boring? Can you possibly make it more helpful, amusing or brand-boosting?
  5. On brand. Does it comply with your tone of voice? Does it sound like the YOU your followers have come to know and love?
  6. Timing. Does it suit your usual posting schedule? Or are you trying something new?
  7. Spelling and grammar. Aaarggh! Enough said. (Well, not enough actually – we like Grammarly).
  8. Signposts. Have you included the relevant tags, handles, hashtags, etc.?
  9. Links. Does the URL work? What content does it pull in from the source? Is that correct? Do you need to overwrite the image/change the text?
  10. Facebook or LinkedIn. Have you removed the URL from the post copy (once you’ve checked the info has pulled in ok)?
  11. Asset/s. Have you checked sizing for each channel? Does the click start play? Is the image appropriate/interesting?
  12. No brainer. Finally, are you signed into the right account?? Honestly, do always check.

If you’ve scored a 12/12, then go on… press SEND. Now, perhaps go find that parade – it’s time to boogie 🙂