In my work not only do I get to mess around with… ahem… enhance and invigorate organisations’ social channels, I also meet lots of interesting people. Both of these avenues enable me to pick up all manner of tips.

So, here’s a really quick Facebook starter for 10 – well 13 actually. I hope you’re not superstitious?

  1. Keep your profile image and channel bio fresh and interesting. Change it regularly, use the space well – promote seasonal news, latest offers or content…
  2. Use the page description to highlight offerings. Again, keep it fresh and also tie in with your prime keywords.
  3. Your cover image should change regularly and reflect the varied offerings of the company. Use that real estate, grab some attention, keep people coming back.
  4. Both the profile picture and the cover image should have the website in the description. Click the photo, then click edit and put in the description box.
  5. Use inspiring content – showcase great stories and pull readers through to your website. Plan your content before promoting it, that first impression is what leads to second and third visits… give it some oomph!
  6. Make sure your post makes it clear what benefit will be gained from clicking the link. Also, invite people to comment on the story, “we want to hear what you think.” Less sell, more human.
  7. If your post contains info from a big organisation, tag them!
  8. Use Milestones to feature key events such as product launches, business anniversaries, awards, new partners/customers (welcome them), etc.
  9. Milestone images are set at 843 x 403 pixels.
  10. To highlight posts you want to give prominent placement to (they’ll take up the full width of your timeline), access your activity log and select ‘Highlight on Timeline’.
  11. Actually read (yes, really) some of the content from the pages your page follows. Check the page feed for items to comment on other organisations’ pages – join the conversation.
  12. I heard somewhere (I’d love to say where but I forget) that brands that post outside of business hours have 20% higher engagement rates. Give it a shot and try scheduling posts for those hours. Plus, it seems Sundays at 9 am have good traction.
  13. Most of all… you’re going to have to invest your time…