Thinking of taking your UK charity to TikTok? The short-form video app has exploded in popularity, boasting over one billion monthly active users worldwide. In the UK, millions scroll through TikTok daily, with a significant portion falling within the coveted 18-24 year old demographic. This presents a unique opportunity for UK charities to connect with a younger audience that might not typically engage with traditional fundraising methods. Check out these impressive examples of UK charities raising awareness and inspiring action through creative and engaging content on TikTok.

The Hospice of St Francis

The Hospice of St Francis uses TikTok to show a happier side to the hospice by sharing stories of resilience, celebrating life and highlighting the meaningful work they do.

The Hospice of St Francis employs the scripted voice over method to great effect on their TikTok account.

What is the scripted voice over method?

The scripted voice over method involves recording audio or dialogue based on a predetermined script, synchronized with video content. Users can speak over visuals, matching the script’s timing and message. This is a great device for storytelling, especially if the subject is camera shy.


UK’s consumer champion Which? uses humour to make complex topics engaging. This lighthearted approach can be inspiring for UK charities looking to connect with younger demographics who might find traditional charity content dry.

Which?’ TikToks empower followers, offering them actionable tips on how to save money or make informed choices. This “how-to” approach is a good one for UK charities looking to provide practical guidance to their audience.


The RNLI launched with the aim of increasing visibility, and reached 153,000 followers in two months. Their content strategy blends informative elements – such as the “Float to Live” campaign highlighting crucial water safety techniques – with engaging and often dramatic behind-the-scenes glimpses into the work of their life saving crews. This includes showcasing boat launches, coastal rescues, and crew training, all interspersed with interesting facts about the RNLI itself. This blend of education and entertainment fosters connection and keeps viewers hooked.

The RNLI cleverly integrates trending sounds and challenges into their content. This keeps their videos fresh and relevant, allowing them to piggyback on popular trends to reach a wider audience. For example, they might use a trending dance song to illustrate safe swimming practices or create a challenge around packing the essentials for a beach trip.


WWF UK makes excellent use of the stunning visuals they have at their disposal on TikTok. They also use humour and interesting facts to inspire action and connect with the environmentally conscious Gen Z demographic.


The people at The RSPB understand the power of a good laugh. Their TikToks merge the inherent cuteness of birds with humour which essentially makes birdwatching cool and fun for younger audiences. Their weird and wonderful Bird of the Week series is an absolute delight.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross share a mix of lighthearted videos and hard hitting, serious factual content as well as showcasing the work of volunteers and staff behind the scenes on TikTok. They are quick to incorporate popular trends which helps them reach a wider audience, raise awareness and connect with younger audiences.

Mind Charity UK

Mind challenge stereotypes and tackle the sensitive topic of mental health through relatable content. Their videos feature personal stories, uplifting vignettes and supportive advice.


RNIB TikToks share powerful stories that humanise sight loss. Their videos feature individuals with visual impairments showcasing talents, discussing their daily lives and often challenging stereotypes with humour.

The RNIB TikTok account prioritises accessibility, ensuring their excellent content can be enjoyed by blind and partially sighted viewers. This includes using text overlays to describe visuals, incorporating audio descriptions and partnering with visually impaired creators. Their commitment to inclusivity showcases the RNIB’s core values and demonstrates their dedication to empowering people with sight loss. This focus on accessibility makes the RNIB a standout on TikTok, where short, visually-driven content can often leave some viewers behind. They demonstrate how to create engaging content for everyone.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice break down a range of complex issues like debt, housing, and consumer rights into bite-sized videos delivered with a playful and relatable tone. They embrace the unique features of TikTok by leveraging trending sounds, participating in challenges, and using creative visuals to keep their videos fresh and entertaining. Their TikTok features real people in the organisation, such as staff members offering advice or answering questions in a conversational style. This authenticity helps them connect with viewers on a personal level and establish themselves as a reliable source of information.


TikTok for Good

For more great examples and inspiration to boost your charity’s impact on TikTok, check out the official hub showcasing amazing charity content from around the world – TikTok for Good. It’s a fantastic resource for UK charities who want to leverage the organic reach of TikTok and make a bigger impact.

Thank you to everyone who shared their recommendations for the best charities on TikTok, including Tereza Litsa, Sarah Man and the CharityComms team. Are there any other charities you think deserve a mention? Tell us on LinkedIn here and we will add them to this list.