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This week we’re taking a step back from the regular thought leadership pieces. Instead we’re highlighting one of our favourite global media platforms (which doubles as a fantastic marketing website), and where we turn to for much of our industry news: The Drum.

About The Drum

The Drum is a globally recognised media platform that shares industry news from all over the world. In addition, their monthly magazine showcases marketing that has changed the world.

The Drum began in Glasgow circa 1980s where founders Gordon Young and Nick Creed began producing a magazine for their schoolmates. After launching several successful trade magazines, one, ScotMedia, outlived them all and later regenerated into The Drum as it is known today.

In 1996, The Drum expanded its directorship to include Diane Young, and expanded its business portfolio as a result. Since the early years in Glasgow, The Drum has become the most widely read marketing website in Europe.

What is “The Drum Recommends”?

Part of what makes The Drum so unique is their belief in matching the right client to the right agency. At The Drum Recommends, you can search for agencies personally recommended by their team.

The Drum’s recommendations don’t come easily – a thorough review of each vendor’s offerings and ratings is completed before they’re added to the list of recommended agencies.

We’re proud to announce that StrawberrySocial has been added to The Drum’s prestigious list of recommended agencies, and you can check us out here.

Learn more about how our cracking team of experts can help you sort your community management, moderation, customer service and social media strategies. We’re proud to work with many sectors including charities, online-delivery, telecom, high-risk industries and more.

We highly recommend subscribing to The Drum to get up-to-the-minute marketing and social media information; and for more information about what we can offer your organisation, please visit us at here or you can contact us at Tel: 0203 8731092 / info@strawberrysocial.co.uk


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