Christmas is coming and excitement is all around. As we roll out campaigns for our clients (and, of course, provide plenty of moderation/engagement back-up for them too), we’re looking back at some of our favourite branded social media based Christmas campaigns. A super reminder that creating interesting, interactive content, rather than constant sales pitches, can often be the best way to make an impact.

1. Tesco #pullacracker – 2012

Back in 2012, supermarket giants Tesco embarked on their first ever Twitter based giveaway campaign for Christmas. The #pullacracker campaign allowed Twitter users to pull a virtual, animated cracker with a chosen Twitter friend for a chance to win a prize, many of which could be redeemed via a print-out voucher in their nearest Tesco store.

The simple microsite based mechanic was a great way to encourage interaction whilst driving traffic to Tesco online and in store – as well as trending on Twitter.

2. Budweiser UK #jumper4des – 2013

What do you get when you combine robots, Christmas jumpers, social media and the need to drive awareness of drink driving? You get the Budweiser Knitbot – a Twitter powered robot that knitted festive jumpers for designated drivers to wear during the Christmas period.

The jumpers were then used as giveaway prizes across social media. This is a great example of how to make a PR story and social campaign by creating something physical – not all digital campaigns need to be 100% digital.

3. Nick Offerman Yule Log for Lagavulin Whiskey – 2015

If you haven’t delved into the obscure regions of Netflix just yet, you may not be aware of the phenomenon of the Yule Log video, a little television tradition dating back to 1966 and originating in the States. Christmas 2015 saw whiskey brand, Lagavulin, recruit Parks and Recreations actor, Nick Offerman, to sit in a leather chair, next to a burning log fire, drinking whiskey for 45 minutes in silence.

It’s obscure, it’s niche, but it works. Combining humour, a relevant celebrity and a traditional format, Lagavulin created a piece of content that will go on to add value to the brand for years to come.

4. Three #ColdTurkey – 2016

Last year, we saw mobile network, Three, jump on the digital detox trend with their social video campaign to encourage people to enjoy the holidays without being glued to their phones. With the creatives behind James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke onboard, the campaign held an important message about living in the moment whilst creating awesome branded, evergreen video content.

Ensuring the campaign had a strong comedy hook, allowed Three to influence audiences without being a hard sell. This gentle approach is a great way to increase brand loyalty and recognition.

5. Google Santa Tracker – Yearly

Although not quite the same as some of the product focused campaigns mentioned before, it wouldn’t be right to ignore the digital tradition of checking in on Google’s adorable Santa Tracker. If you’re not familiar, this is a Google microsite that contains a countdown to Christmas, facts about holiday traditions around the word and, a live tracker of Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

Sometimes your Christmas campaign doesn’t have to sell products to have a massive impact on your brand image. Family friendly, well designed, interactive content like Santa Tracker is a fantastic way to get people talking about Google whilst also offering up entertaining and educational content that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

If you need inspiration on how to bring some sparkle to your brand this Christmas, or… you have campaigns ready to rock for your brand clients but, need some remote moderation and engagement support… do get in touch. There’s still time and our team is here to help.