Let’s face it. We’re all looking forward to shutting the door on 2020. But before we move forward, we need to prepare for the festive Christmas season – both personally and for our organisations.

And while this year may look different from past holiday seasons, your online support team will be working to ensure that a friendly face and constant sense of security is present at all times, even when your social media activity increases.

We know the holiday season is always busy for online deals; Emarketer in the UK reported thatEcommerce represented 28.2% of all holiday retail sales, surpassing the 25% mark for the first time. Total retail sales for the season amounted to £99.26 billion ($132.33 billion).”

And The New York Post reported E-commerce sales spiked 18.8 percent from last year and accounted for 14.6 percent of all holiday retail” in the United States in 2019.

This year we predict those numbers will SKYROCKET due to the pandemic and lockdowns – with more and more stockings will be filled with game cards, online gift certificates, online subscriptions and more.

You and your team shouldn’t have to worry about your online presence over the festive season. This year your community and social media teams have worked extra hard through massive changes to the digital space. They’ve put in extra hours since your public has turned to online for their entertainment, bonding, engagement, support and understanding of the world… as well as their main place to rant, vent and complain!

It’s important to recognise your team will need time to decompress and recharge – more than ever. Our expanded team includes customer support dudes, moderation stars, online safety experts and engagement junkies that are all on call, waiting to help you and your team to get some well earned rest.

In the past, our team of experts have helped clients cover during out of hours, weekends, holidays and NYE. We’ve helped with some incredible campaigns across many different industries. And now really is the time to start sorting out your holiday coverage.

We’ve been fortunate enough to support both past and current clients handle that extra content and those fun holiday campaigns.

Here’s what our clients say:

“The organisation isn’t just a helpful resource and service but one we find very approachable and very personal, which means it’s extremely easy to get something done, and done efficiently, and swiftly. Having more people in place genuinely helps to lighten the load across the team; it lessens the need for us to constantly monitor outside the normal business hours. I really feel as if it’s helped the welfare of my team. StrawberrySocial has been a really great sounding board for creating an improved support strategy; with a team that is readily trained and available to work out of hours and weekends. “

StrawberrySocial are a fantastic agency. They deliver above and beyond expectations and make the transition of using an agency very easy. Their onboarding time is quick and, as they’re Social Media and Crisis Management specialists, they only need to focus on learning our business processes.

They have a very personal touch and overall really care about supporting their clients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for Social Media Moderation support. “

We absolutely love working with our client partners during this time as we get to experience some of the most rewarding and exciting campaigns.

As our team says:

“Last year I got to work over both Christmas and New Year’s as additional support for one of our non-profit clients. I really love that I was there to help anyone struggling with the holidays. To me, it’s giving back at a time when many people need someone there to listen and help.”

[In the past we] worked a Christmas campaign for one of our clients. The company ran a ‘treasure hunt’ all over the country. Some of the winners took part in full Christmas fancy dress, and posted images all over social media dressed as Santa, reindeer and even snowmen. Seeing grown men and women in an array of Christmas costumes in the middle of city centres/around landmarks was hilarious!”

What special holiday campaign is your brand running this year? Get in touch and let us know, so we can work together and give your team the gift of relaxing this holiday season.

We wish you and yours a safe and happy Christmas festive season.


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