It seems to happen every year, like clockwork – your team starts putting in their leave requests and suddenly it seems like everyone’s unavailable. And, don’t mention the time suck that is the Christmas campaign…

The holiday season is, without fail, the busiest time of year for StrawberrySocial. That’s because, well darn it, you’re a hard working social media bod who deserves some time off plus you don’t want to be struggling with not enough hours in the day (or night) to cover your campaign/s. While you can plan your content and set your editorial calendar up to post on your behalf, there’s innumerable ways things can go pear-shaped. You need a hoo-man.

We start gearing up for the holidays early – no doubt your team is already getting campaigns in order, editing assets and polishing copy to perfection. Oh and then there’s a budget to wrestle with. We can help.

After another stressful and unpredictable year, your team will be looking forward to taking a moment to exhale and reconnect with friends and family. The last thing you’re going to want to do is take on an unfolding social media crisis. You’ll want to have plenty of fabulously experienced and trained eyes on your content in the days leading up to the holidays.

It’s also crucial to have someone available to answer questions, as problems don’t take any days off and your users can (and will) reach out at any time.

It’s important to maintain your quality control over the holiday period – that could mean having a fully trained team on hand to vet competition entries (check out our tips for running competitions), approve or reject user generated content, or reply to incoming queries.

The holiday period is a HUGE time for campaigns – last year, Strawberry moderators processed tens of thousands of entries (in multiple languages!) for a wildly successful Christmas campaign promoting a well known children’s media property – it was magic… ✨

With time off, your customers are available for creative out-of-home campaigns too — one memorable client experience hid prizes all over the country, and Strawberry moderators were there to screen photos, spot cheaters and give internal teams a much needed break. All this, without compromising the excitement and momentum of a great Christmas campaign.

By planning ahead and resourcing all of your accounts and campaigns with StrawberrySocial moderators andcommunity managers, you can ensure that this holiday season, you’ll be nice and toasty with your feet propped up by the fire where they belong!

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll come up with a custom holiday coverage for your business. And we’re blimin’ good problem-solvers too and so are happy to chat through any bumps in the road when it comes to planning and budget.


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