I’ve recently become a pretty big fan of TikTok – their algorithm alone means that the more I’m on, the more I’m fed what I want to see, and on the flip side, what I don’t want to see is never in my preview. It’s a fluid algorithm that changes every time I’m logged in; gathering data about what I like and share, and what I don’t like and report.

Two of the more unique features on the platform are stitching and duets.


This is when one creator downloads the content of another creator, and ‘stitches’ their own content to the end of the original piece. Think in terms of editing two pieces of recorded content together. 

Check this out (one for you doggy owners out there)


These allow one creator to post a video alongside another creator’s video. Think: a musician plays the piano on one video while a singer performs on their video: Here’s a fun (or slightly irritating if you’re being a grump) example of a duet.

In terms of safety features…

TikTok uses a hybrid method of moderation (which is what we here at StrawberrySocial applaud!) 
  1. They use technology for reporting and AI learning to escalate content for review.
  2. They employ a team of human moderators to review and take appropriate action on the content they receive.

In addition, many third-party support tool companies like SproutSocial currently offer moderation support for TikTok.

But what has caught my attention is a method in which the content creators themselves have found a unique way to push back on harassment so that their channels and personal space remains safe and positive.

Content creators on TikTok are stitching responses to their most vocal harassers with articulate arguments, in a calm demeanour. The visual of this action is extremely compelling. Watching the bravery these creators have to defend their authenticity in a quick, visual manner has strengthened my belief that empowering individuals to moderate their own pages can and should be part of a healthy, and vibrant community strategy.

⇐ LOVE this very smart example

TikTok does employ traditional reporting mechanisms as well (reporting, privacy settings) – and their guidelines are thorough which is very encouraging.

If you’re a brand wanting to reach as many fans as possible, TikTok should be a healthy part of your social media strategy. There are a variety of account levels you can create; however you’ll need a public, business account if you want anyone to interact fully with your content; and it goes without saying your moderation team will require specific training in order to understand how to monitor your content.

Tiktok for business has a lot of support centre how-tos – and their Comment Management page outlines the list of basic moderation abilities you and your team can access “The Comment Management tool (located under the Ads Manager portion of your business account) allows you to view, reply to, like, block, pin, export, hide and filter the comments made on your ads directly on TikTok Ads Manager. You can use these features to manage comments individually or in bulk. You can also create a Blocked Word list, which the system will automatically use to hide comments that contain a Blocked Word.”

How to get the most out of TikTok – 6 tips

1) Create Compelling Content Create content …

… that is appropriate to your brand and tone of voice, but also make it compelling and attention grabbing. You want to think about creating something that will have an immediate impact on your audience. This is a fast moving platform, and you want to prevent viewers ‘swiping up’ to the next video.

2) Grab their attention straight away

You have maybe three seconds to get someone to stop and watch for more. Start with the hook line, then hit them with your full message.

3) Keep your videos brief

You have 60 seconds to share your message so maximise on your time. In addition, you only get 150 characters in the caption, including hashtags. The quicker you can create an emotional connection, the better. If you have longer content on say, YouTube, try editing some of them down to the best bits and link to your YouTube channel for those that wish to watch more.

4) Connect with your fans, influencers and followers

Find others that have tagged you or similar topics in their videos – consider stitching content with your community members’ content. This can be especially impactful if you have influencers or fans that are competing in your fundraiser. Imagine the impact of a stitch between the fan and your team, giving a ‘high five’ or ‘shout out’ for their hard work raising funds! The ideas are endless if you’re creative.

5) Ensure your team is fully trained in TikTok Community and Safety Features

While social platforms are pretty similar in their approach to safety, there’s more to unravel here. Because public videos can be stitched, your content may end up attached to creators that don’t have your best interests at heart. Your community and moderation teams need to be adept at following video edits where possible, and anyone sharing/stitching/dueting is doing so in a manner which is acceptable to you and your organisation. Your team can set who is allowed to stitch your content, and you should thoroughly read through the policies here.

6) Keep your Community and Moderation agency informed

Your social content moderation agency will want to know when new content has been added so they can be extra diligent monitoring for community stitches, duets, and comments. By utilising either an integrated tool like SproutSocial, or using the TikTok Comment Management tools they’re perfectly poised to moderate and comment on the best interactions straight away so you can remain present, current and positive with your community members.

Overall, like all social media platforms, it’s vital that you and your brand continue to use these spaces to promote your products/services but should understand how the platform works, in order to ensure the safety of your followers and community of fans. You want your TikTok space to be positive, appropriate, fun and engaging whilst utilising all that it has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for?! Grab us for help with your community management support. You can reach us here.