We specialise in working directly with brands, as well as 
digital, advertising, PR and employer branding agencies.

Okay, so nobody goes into marketing, advertising or social media expecting regular work at regular hours, right? But there has to be a limit to the crazy.

So, what do you do when a new or expanded social account starts needing a lot more work? Or your brand's social lights up like a Christmas tree and you need help with moderation, customer support/service and engagement. Maybe the brand has global reach and needs posts and responses in the middle of the night, your time? 


You could take on extra staff, of course, but that takes time. Why not look to bring in some support from people who know social? Experts who have the experience and professionalism to ensure that your client or customer needs are met, in or out of hours, keeping an eye on risk, crisis and providing knowledgeable advice. People who will quickly understand both the 'social and customer service voices', and work with your guidelines to provide and support an engaging, responsive, vibrant and safe environment.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from Preena Kamle, Social Media Customer Service Manager at Just Eat.

"StrawberrySocial are a fantastic agency. They deliver above and beyond expectations and make the transition of using an agency very easy. Their onboarding time is quick and, as they're Social Media and Crisis Management specialists, they only need to focus on learning our business processes.

They have a very personal touch and overall really care about supporting their clients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for Social Media Moderation support. "




We can support your in-house Social Media or Community Managers with everything from moderation to engagement tasks. This is usually done remotely by our experienced teams and plotted in as shifts throughout the day, night or weekends. This gives your staff more time to concentrate on your brand or your brand clients and their campaign and strategic requirements. 


Would your brand benefit from help with its online customer support? Does your team need assistance - in work hours or out of hours (i.e. at weekends, in the evening, overnight)? Does your customer service traffic fluctuate, making planning for spikes almost impossible? Yes? We can help. Our team is fluent in Zendesk, online and verbal support plus, using CMS tools - 24/7.


Our staff are global, so providing moderation and/or engagement shifts out of hours is no problem – keeping your brand and/or brand clients safe (and their communities, engaged) is our priority. And, you will be the first to know if we spot any possible PR or safety issues, therefore heading off a possible crisis. We can also construct crisis workflows, analyse risk and set-up best practice for your brand or client.



We can liaise with your brand clients as an employee of your company. We are often white-label and work from an email address provided by you. We can work on shared documents with your client, usually via Gdocs and, can help you with client reports, escalation, FAQs and workflows.


Is your project long-term or, a short (seasonal, perhaps) campaign? We can help with either and will scale up and down in hours depending on traffic levels. This also includes helping to set-up and manage client competitions and, responding to audience queries via online channels (direct and PM) and email.


We’re pretty well-versed in writing content calendars for many different industries and/or sectors. We can also write standard response templates (FAQs) for use across each of your brands and, can supply blogs and newsletter content. When it comes to documentation for your brand and/or client (i.e. Playbooks and escalation workflows), we can provide clear and concise content.