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We’ve all been facing tougher times recently, while we adapt to new economic challenges. So it’s more important than ever to have a proper break at the end of the year, but who can look after your online presence while you are away?

You and your team shouldn’t have to worry about your social channels over the festive season. You need time to decompress and recharge. At the same time, when your customers, clients and followers are at home over the holidays and online more than usual, you don’t want to lose any opportunities to engage with them.

Enter StrawberrySocial

Our team of customer support gurus, moderation stars, online safety experts and engagement junkies are all on call, waiting to help you and your team to get some well earned rest.

We have a long history of providing brands, agencies and charities with expert holiday moderation support out of hours, over weekends, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We’ve helped with some incredible campaigns across many different industries. If you haven’t made any moves yet to sort out your holiday coverage, now really is the time.

We’ve been fortunate enough to support both past and current clients in handling that extra content and those fun holiday campaigns.

Our expert moderators love supporting NSPCC:

“Having more people in place genuinely helps to lighten the load across the team; it lessens the need for us to constantly monitor outside the normal business hours. I really feel as if it’s helped the welfare of my team. StrawberrySocial has been a really great sounding board for creating an improved support strategy; with a team that is readily trained and available to work out of hours and weekends.” 

And Just Eat:

“StrawberrySocial are a fantastic agency. They deliver above and beyond expectations and make the transition of using an agency very easy. Their onboarding time is quick and, as they’re Social Media and Crisis Management specialists, they only need to focus on learning our business processes. They have a very personal touch and overall really care about supporting their clients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for Social Media Moderation support.”

We absolutely love working with our clients during this time, as we get to experience some of the most rewarding and exciting campaigns on offer during this holiday season. Get in touch if you need to discuss some last minute help. Wishing you all a happy and healthy festive period! 
From all the Strawberry team x
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