Text reads: Keeping online communities safe and engaged for nine years.

Happy Anniversary to us! This month StrawberrySocial will celebrate its 9th successful year supporting charities and businesses with their social media, online community and moderation needs. Partnering with well over 50 organisations (and counting!), we’re taking a moment to reflect on everything that’s happened over the last decade.  

Trust and safety 

One of the most noticeable changes over the last 9 years has  been to Trust and Safety – namely policy and government oversight. Just last year the UK government passed the Online Safety Act with support from children’s charities like the NSPCC. This act works to provide safety measures not just for our youth but also includes language to safeguard vulnerable groups and adults, as well. 

The very fact that the Online Safety Act has received such widespread coverage means more government oversight and understanding that technology, social media and online communities are not a niche market, but have become a mainstay for all of society which requires real thought, research and real attention. 

What this means to StrawberrySocial is that our work is recognised now more than ever before. Growing the skills required to carry out this important work backed with support and understanding from government and society at large helps us remain diligent in our values of supporting our clients and their most vulnerable members. 

AI, tech and social media 

Alongside policy and recognition, the relentless march of technological advancement continues. We’ve seen an explosion of short-form video platforms like TikTok, and also the recent surge of Artificial Intelligence. Through our continued work in the field we’ve been able to share our findings and best use cases for charities and TikTok, and also share expert advice for AI integration requiring strategy

Throughout the last decade not only has our team continued to adapt to changes in culture and language, but also remain passionate in our vision to ensure our clients’ communities thrive through empathy-driven community management. Above all else, humanity-based community building remains top priority. 

Where it all began

We began StrawberrySocial with the intent of supporting our clients with their digital safety, such as being named the Gold Response Team for the Grenfell Tower Disaster. Since then the company has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. We are proud to work with amazing clients such as the NSPCC, Blue Cross and NHS England, and have expanded our services to include specialities such as: tailored community management work,  live game support (including the recent GameSafe Festival), influencer risk assessments, crisis intervention and more. 

A growing team

Our team has expanded across borders and cultures, where we are proud to have expanded our organisation all over Europe, Canada and the United States. Our internal value of ‘mental health first’ has proven to ensure the team is healthy, happy and enjoy remaining with StrawberrySocial:

“Congratulations on 9 years of wonderful service Strawbs! The last 18 months have been an amazing learning journey and I am so grateful I jumped on board. Excited for what’s next!”

Sarah V, Scheduler and Team Lead

“I have worked with Strawberry Social for the last three years in a few different roles, and I appreciate everyone I’ve worked with! Strawberry has a great team, and it’s been very nice to work in an environment that, even while being international and remote, feels so checked in and connected. Happy Anniversary SS”

Caroline S, Moderator and Child Safety specialist

“Happy anniversary!  I joined the family in July 2023, I love the great team banter. We get amazing support and camaraderie at the company.”

Rene V, Moderator

A word from our CEO

Reflecting on 9 years in business, StrawberrySocial Founder & CEO Rebecca Fitzgerald said, “I am so proud of what we have accomplished as a business, and for our clients over the last nine years. The rate of change has been immense – new platforms, the impact of AI on online safety, charities working with the gaming industry, moderating influencers and live streamers. Nothing remains static in this exciting industry! 

As I reflect on the critical work of our moderators and community managers, it is baffling that their contributions continue to be under-valued and under-remunerated. As child safety issues online continue to explode, I will continue to champion the crucial role of the ‘human touch’ in keeping online spaces safe. AI and tech can only do so much without the depth of understanding that can only come from human expertise and empathy. I’m proud to support the brilliant work of the IWF and others in this area. 

Community management and engagement forms a huge part of not only fostering a sustainable audience base (therefore helping the marketing department) but also encourages people to behave better online, engage in constructive debate, and seek help when needed. Lastly, I want to send a big thank you to the selfless professional moderators and community managers who so believe in what they do and have to deal with distressing content. And, here’s a big prod to brands and organisations to do better. MUCH better.

We’re extremely grateful to be a part of this ever-evolving industry. It’s an honour to work with our colleagues and our clients as we all work to make every digital experience worthwhile, safe and engaging. Here’s to the next 9 years!”

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